Just call or email for a free estimate.

Our designer will meet with you to measure your back yard and sketch a few design options for your project. We will bring a portfolio of our work to show all the many design options and materials available. We are not tied to any manufacturer so we will spend a little time showing you the different materials available to find the material that best suits your needs. We can typically give you an idea on pricing when we meet.

We will then follow up by email with your design (s) and exact pricing.

We are very proactive. When you decide we are the company you trust with your project we start the preparation almost immediately. Your materials are pre-ordered (so when we are ready to start your materials are ready). This also protects our client form possible increases in material since we purchase your materials right away.

Your building plans are typically completed within one week. After completion (and before we submit for permit) a copy of the plans are sent to you for review and approval. Once approved we submit for permit. These plans can also be used for your Home Owners Association or if you prefer, we will help with the HOA approval. This can even include attending the meeting.

Depending on the time of the year most projects can start within 2-4 weeks and 4-6 weeks in the busiest season. Your paperwork will list your tentative start date and 99% of the time the target start date is met. Your paperwork will also list how many days your project will take. We always call Ms. Utility to mark any possible power/gas lines for safety and we always contact you a few days prior to start to make sure the date works for you.

When your project starts your designer will meet your crew and crew chief on site for the orientation. The customer can be present but it is not necessary. We do not need access to the home (just water and electricity). The materials are delivered the same day and moved to the back yard and stacked neatly. The crew will start your project and continue each day until full completion.

Our average crew has worked for Economy Craftsmen Services for twelve years and have constructed hundreds of quality projects. The crew chief is responsible for calling in any required inspections, making sure the job site is safe and clean and communicating directly with your designer who in turn will communicate with you. The designer will typically stop by your project every 1-2 days and is available to our customers when needed. On many projects, pictures are taken and sent to the client throughout construction. Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations for quality and service.

When your project is completed your crew will wash the project and remove all debris. Any extra materials will be removed and the customer will be given the copy of the permit papers.

Your designer will have checked your project multiple times and will let the crew chief know of any punch items (If any). The customer may also request to walk the project with the crew chief or designer. 

Special Features

Since all builds are custom, we can add features to give your outdoor space a personalized feel that addresses your requirements. Our designer will present feature options for you to choose from during the design phase. We welcome and encourage your ideas and inspiration photos.